Large Canadian insurer picks Maine to expand, start hiring

Sarah MorrisseauNews, Portland Press Herald

BY WHIT RICHARDSON Attracted by the Portland area’s reputation as an insurance industry hub, a financial services firm that is also one of Canada’s largest insurance companies plans to open a satellite office in Scarborough that could eventually house 200 employees. The Sun Life Financial office will become a primary part of the Toronto-based company’s disability insurance business, said Dan … Read More

Maine opens office in Shanghai

Sarah MorrisseauChina Daily, News

By PAUL WELITZKIN, CHINA DAILY USA Maine’s exports to China include wood pulp for paper manufacturing and its famous lobster and seafood catch. Now with a newly opened office in Shanghai the New England state is going after more direct Chinese investment. The office that the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) opened in the first week of January will have … Read More

A Beer-Powered Startup Scene Grows in Portland, Maine

Sarah MorrisseauNews, Popular Mechanics

BY JOE BARGMANN Whether you consider Portland, Maine a small city or a big town, it’s just the right size to “engineer collisions between people, ideas, and resources.” So says Jess Knox, founder of Maine Startup and Create Week, and Statewide Innovation Hub Coordinator for Blackstone Accelerates Growth. “You can go into any coffee shop and run into entrepreneurs and … Read More