L.L.Bean is an American, privately held retail company founded in 1912 by Leon Leonwood Bean. The company is headquartered where it was founded, in Freeport, Maine. It specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment.

Where Location is a Company Benefit


Known for a reliable, productive workforce, excellent products and quality of life.


Maine Facts


Population 1.38 million
State capital Augusta
Largest city Portland
Land area 35,380 sq miles / 91,633 sq km
Length of coastline 3,478 miles / 5,597 km
Lakes and ponds 6,000
Forest 17.6 million acres / 6.9 million hec (89% forest)
Location Northeast region (includes Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington) is home to 18% of the U.S. population and generates $3.75 trillion in annual economic output


GDP 2018 $56.7 billion
Median household income 2017 $56,277
Annual real GDP Growth 1.9%
State budget 2020-2021 $8 billion
Exports 2018 $2.8 billion
Imports via Maine 2018 $3.8 billion


Intermodal transportation involves moving freight between points of origin and destination using two or more modes of transportation (e.g., rail, water, air, and highway).

Intermodal Truck & Rail Facilities

Maine has three active intermodal facilities in Portland, Searsport and Auburn. There are also a number of locations where bulk products are transferred between railcars to trucks.

Intermodal Deepwater Ports

With the 2013 arrival of Iceland’s largest shipping company, Eimskip, in Portland and the acquisition of a $14 million federal grant to help fund improvements by the Maine Port Authority, Maine is becoming an international shipping hub.

The port  has 11 terminals capable of accepting all forms of cargo including project, containerized, bulk & break bulk and petroleum.  The Eastern Waterfront is used for passenger ferries and cruise ships and the Central Waterfront supports traditional fishing, marine research, tourism and non-marine uses. The Western Waterfront is for freight and industrial use where the container yard has a storage capacity for 876 40-foot containers stacked four high and plugs for 186 refrigerated units.  The port handled more than 22,000 containers in 2018 and expects a 40% increase in 2019.

Searsport is located at the heart of Penobscot Bay. The port has recently undergone a major reconstruction positioning it to effectively serve the needs of shippers moving product in and out of Maine, and through the onsite rail yard Maine Northern Railway, to provide service to the heartlands of the US and Canada.

Estes Head Cargo Terminal (EHCT) in Eastport can accommodate a ship of 900 feet in Berth A and one up to 550 feet in Berth B.  Berth B is also an excellent berth for barges.  EHCT’s 55-acre site has several open storage areas, three 20,000 square foot, drive-thru warehouses, and one 43,000 square foot warehouse.

Key Sectors

Advanced Materials & Composites
Environmental Technology
Food & Beverage
Forest Products
Hospitality & Tourism
Life Sciences
Marine Construction & Technology
Renewable Energy

Quality of Life

Maine ties with the lowest rate of residents wanting to leave in all 50 U.S. states.

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