Bug Light and tanker Maine

A super tanker leaving Portland harbor passes by Bug Light in South Portland

Why Invest in Maine?

  • Proximity to large markets in the northeast U.S. and Canada with access to R&D centers, at a fraction of the cost
  • Low employee turnover – in a Gallup poll, Maine tied with Hawaii and Montana as having the fewest residents that would move away
  • As the state closest to Europe, the shipping lanes of the North Atlantic are an integral part of the  logistics infrastructure

Modula S.p.A. – Italy

Italy’s Modula S.p.A., a company of the System Group, is a world leader in automated vertical storage with operations in more than 50 countries. The company’s base of operations in the Americas is in Lewiston, Maine, where it will double in size in 2019.  The storage concept is for material to come to the handler instead of the other way around.

Americas’ HQ in Maine   Manufacturing at Modula

InSphero – Switzerland

InSphero image

Why did InSphero choose Maine?

“Proximity to talent, both new to the workforce and experienced; proximity to customers; and proximity to Switzerland, in terms of travel and time zones.”

– Jan Lichtenberg,Ph.D., CEO/Co-founder, InSphero

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, InSphero is a life science technology provider and the world’s leading supplier of organotypic 3D microtissues for drug safety and efficacy testing. Our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics and chemical/environmental industries rely on our robust, convenient and internationally recognized solutions to make informed decisions.