Bug Light and tanker Maine

A super tanker leaving Portland harbor passes by Bug Light in South Portland.

Why Invest in Maine?

Maine’s reliable, productive workforce and the high quality of Maine products are well known around the world. With a business environment that fosters innovation and a top-ranked infrastructure, Maine gives your company an extra advantage to attract and keep the very best employees — a healthy, safe, and culturally rich place to live.

Top Reasons Companies Invest in Maine

Location – Proximity to Markets

The Boston – Washington corridor is home to 18 percent of the U.S. population. Extending 500 miles through New York and Philadelphia, the region generates $3.75 trillion in economic output annually, only behind the U.S., China and Japan. Canada and Maine share a 600-mile border with trade and investment totaling more than $3.5 billion a year.

Workforce – Experienced and New Talent

An educated and motivated workforce is critical and a major factor in selecting a new location. More than 20 public colleges and universities enable the state to develop long-term workforce capacity, while 7 community colleges can address immediate industry training needs.

Revenue – Lower Cost of Doing Business

Innovative and creative business incentives, lower labor and property costs, ready access to R&D, infrastructure and reduced regulation, combine to make Maine an economically viable and competitive option.

What Happened When Zootility Tools Moved to Maine?

“In 2014, Zootility Tools moved its operations to Portland from Massachusetts and that was when the company really took off. We were a small local company. When we came to Maine, I was able to find really passionate, creative people that thought this was something they wanted to be part of. We have an excellent team that has grown with us…Orders come in every day from all over the country, and even from New Zealand and Japan. The move to Maine was definitely the right decision.”

– Nate Barr, Owner, Zootility Tools

Zootility Tools creates functional products for every day use. From product design to manufacturing, we produce everything in-house at our 8,000 sq-ft shop in Portland, Maine. Hundreds of thousands of our incredibly thin, stainless steel multi-tools are in pockets across the world.

Why did InSphero chose to locate in Maine?

“Proximity to talent, both new to the workforce and experienced; proximity to customers; and proximity to Switzerland, in terms of travel and time zones.”

– Jan Lichtenberg,Ph.D., CEO/Co-founder, InSphero

InSphero image

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, InSphero is a life science technology provider and the world’s leading supplier of organotypic 3D microtissues for drug safety and efficacy testing. Our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics and chemical/environmental industries rely on our robust, convenient and internationally recognized solutions to make informed decisions.