The new state-of-the-art Composite Layup Facility at TechPlace in Brunswick is designed with ambient controls for humidity and temperature.  The room is also equipped with a data acquisition system integrated into two ovens, as well as high capacity vacuum pumps and a spray booth.

Industry Hub for Innovation

  • Maine companies work on extreme applications of advanced materials including temperature, strength, lightness and corrosion resistance. The state’s R&D capabilities are also substantial:

Sample Advanced Materials & Composite Companies

Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI)

Fiber Materials, Inc. (FMI) designs, develops, and manufactures components and products that serve a range of applications from industrial insulation and friction hardware, to thermal protection systems (TPS), rocket motors and missile nose tips. FMI materials can be found inside industrial furnaces, at the National Air and Space Museum, and on the surface of Mars.  READ MORE

Why Choose Maine for Advanced Materials?

  • Maine is home to leading manufacturers of advanced materials and their secondary markets as well as smaller, specialized companies excelling in extreme applications, infrastructure, marine technologies, and transportation.
  • The state’s textile heritage has resulted in the creation of the next generation of advanced materials, ranging from flame retardant to fabrics containing fiberglass and wood derivatives.
  • Research facilities, training programs, and educational institutions collaborate with industry and promote innovation.
  • Lower real estate and labor costs make it an attractive hub from where to easily reach the large markets of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. at less expense.