While Maine has a long history in the aerospace community, what’s happening here now is truly exciting. Our prime location, diverse transportation infrastructure, dedicated and skilled workforce, and first-class innovation and R&D centers make Maine an excellent match for the dynamic 21st century global aerospace industry. Recognized as a quality precision manufacturing state producing a wide variety of top-quality aerospace products, Maine’s aerospace sector and supply chain are currently poised for take off and invite you aboard for the ride.

Poised for Take Off

Maine is recognized for quality precision manufacturing.


  • Maine companies are producing top-quality aerospace products, including thermal insulation, hydraulic sensors, and landing systems.
  • Pratt & Whitney’s plant in North Berwick, Maine has one of the highest quality outputs of their entire worldwide operations.
  • Maine is home to first-class innovation and R&D centers.

Select Global Aerospace Companies in Maine

State-of-the-Art Center for Innovation in Brunswick

Brunswick Landing: Maine's Center for Innovation

Maine’s Center for Innovation is a progressive and innovative location for aviation and aerospace companies. The Brunswick Executive Airport is part of a broader high-tech business campus that includes the expansion of the advanced composites cluster in midcoast Maine, the Maine Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC), and the Brunswick Renewable Energy Center.

The assets at Brunswick Landing can meet the needs of the aerospace industry with ample hangar space, maintenance facilities and professionally appointed administrative offices. Not only are the facilities state-of-the- art, the region has a highly skilled and dedicated workforce and a healthy supply of affordable housing.

Aerospace Capacity in Maine

  • Brunswick Landing: Maine’s Center for Innovation
  • Bangor International Airport
  • Bangor Aviation Services
  • Loring International Airport
  • Loring Commerce Centre
  • Over 50 aerospace suppliers in state