Hodgdon Yachts, America’s oldest boat builder, is a family-owned company based in East Boothbay. The company has evolved and diversified in recent years. For example, their 100-foot mono-hull Comanchee demonstrated the company’s abilities to push the limits of modern boat building as they completed the carbon fiber composite construction in just 13 months.

Industry Hub for Innovation

Maine excels in infrastructure, marine technology, boat building, ballistics and insulation materials development.


  • Maine developed two composite bridge technologies
  • Installed and is home to the longest composites bridge in the world
  • The first hybrid-composite railroad bridge was manufactured by Maine’s Harbor Technologies

Select Advanced Materials & Composites Companies in Maine

Historical Track Record with Textiles

Although no longer the largest industry, Maine’s textile heritage has resulted in the creation of the next generation of high-tech advanced materials. Products range from flame retardant fabrics for use in aircraft and aerospace to fabrics containing fiberglass and composite materials.

Why Choose Maine for Advanced Materials?

  • Up to 10% labor cost savings
  • Pine Tree Zone program offers 100% Corporate Income Tax Credit for the first five years
  • Northeast region encompasses Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston
  • Proximity to 18% of the population of the United States and the world’s fourth largest economy
  • Research facilities, training, and education support the industry