The Composites Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), funded by a Maine Technology Institute grant, operates as a partnership between Southern Maine Community College (SMCC) and the Maine Composites Alliance to address engineering and applied research needs, helping companies to be more productive and competitive in the global marketplace.

Open for Business

Innovation, R&D, and workforce training are well-supported in Maine.


Businesses are closely linked with Maine’s world-class education and research institutions to make ideas into realities.


Incubator, prototype testing, and R&D facilities support innovation.

Key Industry Sectors in Maine

Advanced Materials & Composites – a premier supplier of advanced materials for multiple industries, including Aerospace

Environmental Technology – abundant natural resources and commitment to sustainable use

Food & Beverage – major exporter of food, beverage and agricultural products

Forest Products – one of the world’s largest pulp-paper producers & wood research centers

Hospitality & Tourism – 8 million visitors per year, over 3,000 lakes and ponds, and 3,478 miles of coastline

Life Sciences – home to world class research facilities

Marine Construction & Technology – boat building heritage spans four centurie

Renewable Energy – #1 in New England for renewable energy generation