"The Maine workforce is unique in its strong work ethic and has been a significant part of the company’s strategic vision over the years. Our Maine plant has some of the best productivity levels and quality controls out of all of our multinational operations."Ciaran Lynch, Chairman and CEO, Tex Tech Industries, North Monmouth, Maine
Did you know Maine has...
  • Competitive labor costs less than the national per capita rate.
  • State-funded workforce training.
  • The University of Maine - ranked among the top colleges for 8 consecutive years (Princeton Review and Fiske Guide).
  • A large number of international students in its public and private high schools, colleges and universities.

Workforce & Education

Maine is well known for its highly productive, reliable and committed workforce. Due to its reputation for producing quality work and innovation, Maine’s products and services are highly sought after both nationally and internationally within the renewable energy, advanced materials, life sciences and environmental technology sectors.

Maine is a leader in developing programs and training initiatives that meet business demands for a highly skilled and technical workforce. A pilot program at UMaine’s Fort Kent campus will allow high school students to take college courses and complete an associates degree by the time they graduate high school.

Maine has numerous programs in place to help companies work with local high schools and colleges to provide customized training for current and future employees (including Maine Quality Centers, the Governor’s Training Initiative, Maine Career Advantage, and Maine Apprenticeship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs).

Beyond training opportunities, however, Maine colleges and universities have created significant research and development capacity in the state. In addition to the seven Community College campuses, there are more than 20 public and private institutions in Maine. These schools operate at every corner of the state and attract some of the world’s best talent to Maine every year.