"Maine is an attractive location for talented, passionate professionals. Portland has a rich history and friendly atmosphere with outstanding arts, music and dining. Since the move to Maine, we find our employees are happier, more committed to our mission, and stay with CIEE longer."James Pellow, CEO, CIEE: Center for International Educational Exchange, Portland, Maine
Did you know?
  • Portland ranked #1 as “Americas Most Livable Cities” by Forbes.
  • Maine's quality of life was ranked the best in the nation by Foreign Direct Investment Magazine.
  • Maine has one of the lowest violent crimes rate in the nation.

Quality of Life

Business location decisions are being increasingly influenced by the quality of life employees can expect to experience in a community. Businesses also benefit from Maine’s extraordinary quality of life. Employers doing business in Maine profit from a strong work ethic, low absenteeism and turnover rates, and high employee productivity rates.

The phrase “quality of life” is heard often in Maine as the reason for business location to the state. Maine is considered one of the most healthful states in the nation. Businesses, employees and their families enjoy few instances of traffic congestion and access to a wealth of year round cultural, recreational and sporting activities. Maine has one of the lowest violent crime rates in the nation and its overall crime rate is the 6th lowest in the nation.

Maine’s education system is ranked among the top ten in the country. All seventh and eighth grade students are issued a laptop computer, one of the first programs of its kind in the world. Maine was the first state to provide 100% of schools and libraries with internet access. The nationally recognized “3 Ring Binder” project provides internet access to rural and hard to reach areas of the state.

Whatever You Want – Maine Has It!

Outdoor Recreation

Maine benefits from a four-season climate with a healthy, invigorating environment. The state is one of the greatest natural playgrounds in the world with thousands of miles of spectacular coastline, majestic mountain ranges and crystal-clear lakes and rivers.

What’s your passion? Golfing, hunting, snowmobiling, bicycling, ATVs, camping, skiing, boating, dog sledding, sightseeing (lighthouses, foliage, forts, historical sites) or other outdoor activities (fishing, canoeing, kayaking)? Maine has it all!

Downhill skiingArts & Culture

With two symphony orchestras, opera companies and a plethora of theatre companies, Maine offers an exquisite menu of performing arts and cultural entertainment. Maine has attracted visual and performing artists since the Victorian era and they’ve left a legacy that continues today. Concerts, plays, craft shows and some film screenings are hosted in unique venues. These include Victorian gardens, riverside lawns, oceanfront parks, historic gazebos on town greens, lakeside amphitheaters, historic meeting houses and grand concert halls.

Fairs and festivals celebrate the culture and heritage of Maine and highlight Maine’s food icons from lobster to wild blueberries. Renowned centers and schools continue not only to lure artists from throughout the world, but also influence the state’s contemporary art scene. The Art All Around project calls for painting eight complete tanks and eight tank tops. When completed, this public art project will cover 261,000 square feet and be the largest public art painting in the world.

Shopping & Dining

The state’s seafood is sought by lobster and fish lovers around the globe. All sorts of specialty foods, microbrews and beverages often made by small businesses, are winning national and regional awards.

Ossipee Valley Music Festival

No matter what your budget or preference, Maine’s got you covered. Maine’s rich heritage is a source for unique products not found anywhere else in the world such as nautical antiques, hand-sculpted sea glass jewelry, designer clothing, handcrafted Native American baskets, pottery crafted from Maine clay and Shaker-inspired furniture. Shopping outlets in Kittery and Freeport, combined with boutiques and speciality stores, have created a growing interest in Maine as an international shopping destination.

You can’t forget Portland’s Old Port. Since it was constructed in the 1800′s, the Old Port is home to lively nightlife, traditional pubs and first class shopping.

To learn more about Maine, go to www.visitmaine.com.