"Maine Port Authority’s willingness to support infrastructure improvements in our deep water ports has allowed us to diversify into new product lines, including wind and biofuels."Jim Therriault, Vice President, Marketing & Materials Handling, Sprague Energy Corp. (a subsidiary of Axel Johnson, Sweden), South Portland, Maine


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in its June 2011 report, Enterprising States, ranked Maine #1 in infrastructure and in the top ten in all three infrastructure measures – the share of high speed internet connections, the penetration of broadband by census tract and a composite index of transportation infrastructure.

With that being said, it’s easy to understand why many firms have chosen Maine as their transportation and logistics operations headquarters. The reason is simple – access to transportation infrastructure and access to quality workers. For Maine manufacturers, this logistics capacity has only improved the movement of product and made doing business even more affordable.

Map of Maine’s infrastructure system

The State of Maine offers various opportunities for businesses to ship products quickly and cost effectively to international and domestic markets. These include: the highway system, airport facilities, seaports, and rail service.

Maine Transportation Facts and Figures:PWM Jetport new terminal

  • Maine has six commercial airports and more than 60 small public airports -15 of which accommodate corporate jets and 10 of which have customs service.
  • Maine has 1,400 miles of rail track and seven strategically located ports.
  • Maine has three major sea ports – Portland, Searsport and Eastport – with freight rail and highway connections. These ports are open year-round, are ice-free, and have deep-water channels and berthing.
  • Maine has more than 7,000 licensed carriers to provide interstate overland service to points in New England and the Atlantic seaboard.
  • Maine has more than 450 trucking firms to provide service within the State of Maine. Maine does not engage in economic regulation of the trucking industry.
  • Maine has a 20-year maintenance and improvement plan to keep its highways safe and efficient.
  • 21 percent of the U.S. market and 52 percent of the Canadian market are within a 10-hour drive or a short flight.